jueves, 7 de julio de 2011

Do you understand who I am ?  Do you wanna know ? 
Can you really see through me now ?
I am about to go. But just tonight I won't leave.
I'll lie and you'll believe.
Just tonight I will see. It's all because of me.
Just tonight I will stay. And we'll throw it all away.
When the light hits your eyes.
It's telling me I'm right.

And if I, I am through. It's all because of you.
Just tonight.

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me encantó la fracesita, y esto de la gente 'trying to forget', asi me siento menos sola en la tarea de dejar cosas atrás..

Te mando un beso (:

[ M e l i i ] dijo...

Graciaas :) Otros!